Най-добрият Дъжд Gear от Дъжд Gear производител, доставчик, търговец на едро, дистрибутор и фабрика

Дъжд Gear

Κατασκευαστής, προμηθευτής, εξαγωγέας, εργοστάσιο μέσα Taiwan


Our story began in Taiwan in 1998, started by hard-working people focused on the idea of producing high quality, durable raincoats and rain suits.

During our 20 years of experience, we learned that anyone can make good products at a high price. But at Mie Kou, we believe that quality also needs to meet the right price so, with us, you are assured to find the best price-performance ratio. Our passion has helped us to match our quality with international standards and now our products are exported to the USA, Japan and Philippines. Our goal is to keep people dry under any kind of rain, while offering them comfort and convenient prices.

For any requirements don’t hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to build trade relationships with you!

Η πολιτική μας είναι να επιτύχουμε την ικανοποίηση των πελατών και με στην παροχή σε τους τον υψηλή ποιότητα

Дъжд Gear

που ικανοποιούν ή υπερβαίνουν την προσδοκία τους. Είναι ο προϊόντα κατασκευής δύναμής μας για να ταιριάξει την ακριβή απαίτηση του πελάτη μας που κυμαίνεται από τις μικρές βιομηχανίες ως την κατασκευή των μονάδων.